Tips for your trip to Watamu - Kenya

Villa Solemar and Elounda Villa can be shared or rented entirely. If shared, often, by mutual agreement, the tenants choose to put an amount of money for meals and drinks (about 10 € per person per day). The chef, upon your request, will then take care of the grocery shopping and of the preparation of breakfast, lunch, dinner and meals, following the instructions of the hosts. A cleaner, instead, will address the cleaning of the villa, including the rooms. We strongly advise you to bring, since expensive or hard to find: oil, coffee, pasta, cheese, wine (preferably in tetra pack), chocolate, hair dryer and beach towels (beautiful and cheap beach towels can be purchased in Watamu).

    Necessary with residual validity of at least six months. You no longer need an annual stamp.

    Expenses and entry documents
    The visa costs 40€ per person. It is free for people under 16. The Government of Kenya has announced the procedure for obtaining the visa to access the country directly online at You can still enter Kenya with the paper visa, since the obligation to have the online one has been postponed until undefined date, we suggest you to check before your departure.

    Transfers from the airport
    One of our members of the staff will accompany you in transfers to and from the airport. The total cost is € 60 for one way and € 60 for the way back (which will be divided according to the number of passengers, maximum 6 people, plus luggage) to be paid directly to the driver in Euros.

    Money, credit and debit cards
    You do not need dollars. It is convenient to change Euros directly into Kenyan Shillings (at Watamu Casinò). We always recommend to be cash guard because there are often interruptions of services of cash delivery at ATMs. For the ATM you must notify your bank dates of stay in Kenya for activation. With credit cards (better to use visa, also it is accepted postpay) you can withdraw cash. Almost no facility accepts payments by credit cards.

    Telephone and internet
    To save money we recommend to bring two phones. On your regular phone (so the one with all the data and programs) you will need a Safaricom sim card that you can buy in Kenya, on the secondary phone you can enter your Italian sim to see who will contact and possibly call back with Safaricom sim. Besides phone calls, Safaricom card can be used to surf the Internet with your mobile phone (facebook, whatsapp, web, etc ...) as well as a modem for your computer, simply top up the sim Safaricom with credit data.

    Airline companies
    There are two airlines companies: Turkish (with a stopover in Istanbul) and Ethiopian (with a stopover in Addis Ababa). In addition, two charter airlines Meridiana and Neos, theoretically with direct flights from Italy, but almost always then make technical flights.

    Luggage weight
    The weight is indicated on the ticket.

    Best times
    In terms of weather, the best time ever goes from November to March, but from August to October it is also good.

    There are no compulsory vaccines. Regarding malaria, there is no vaccine but a prophylaxis, which is not mandatory.

    Watamu is a peaceful place and it is a paradise suitable for any age.

    What to bring in kenya
    Sunscreen, hats, creams or mosquito spray, UK plug adapters, sunglasses, masks and flippers, medicines.

    Things Kenyans like to receive
    Medicines, clothing of all kinds, mobile phones, eyeglasses and sunglasses, shoes, slippers, creams and perfumes. Notebooks and pens can be bought on the spot with a few euros.

    Safari to Tsavo
    We recommend you the Jeep Safari and to sleep a night outdoors. During the safari, which will last an average of 36 hours, bring comfortable clothing, a change for the next day, pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, sneakers, pashmina, a sweatshirt and mosquito spray. Tsavo is characterized by red sand that can ruin your clothes. Absolutely Recommended binoculars and camera.

    Time zone
    Compared to Italy, add 2 hours during winter, add 1 hour during summer.

    For those who stay in Istanbul
    For those staying long in Watamu we recommend you taking the opportunity to visit Istanbul and spending at least one night there. Important to point out at the check-in to unload your bags in Istanbul to use them. At the time of departure to Mombasa you will not have to do the check-in again, but just go through the bag drop at the airport of Istanbul.



Watamu - Kenya


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